A blood test in the gallery can detect deadly cancer early

NEW ORLEANS – Looking inside your body can be a way to find undetected cancer.

A simple test does just that.

The test was here in the New Orleans area and saved lives.

Jim Ford of Sacramento got his dream job after leaving his career in car sales.

“I told my wife, I said,‘ I can’t sit around doing nothing. I have to do something. So if I see a sign that I need help on the golf course, I try to get a part-time job, ”Ford, 77, said.

And he did. Two days a week, he was an assistant to the pro-store manager at a public golf course, but that dream was almost shattered when his doctor asked him to take part in a clinical trial.

It was simple. All he had to do was give Jim a blood sample. Then the results came back.

When asked what happened in the game after receiving the results, he replied: “Fear, fear. I thought it was good, it’s not good. “

That quick and easy blood test told Jim that he had pancreatic cancer. “Danger!” presenter Alex Trebeck. It has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers.

“Now, at that point, I think it’s a death sentence. I have to be honest with you. It was just me, my wife, and when I finally told her, she fell into the living room crying, ”Ford recalls.

The silent blood test is called Gallery. It can detect 50 types of cancer before you have symptoms.


“It really finds all the super scary cancers we’re worried about, right?” said Dr. David Myers, Internal Medicine, Metair.

Dr. Myers remembers losing a friend and colleague to cancer a few years ago. Dr. Keith Collins was only 45 years old. About 4,000 people circled around with car magnets. One of the reasons for this is Dr. Myers recommends Galleri to all his patients.

“To see how his life is going and how it has affected him. Wow, that changes the game. We can really do something we have never been able to do before, ”he said. Said Myers.

A healthy patient with his cancer did not know he had it.

“His chances of recovery are over 85 percent because we found him when we found him,” he said.

Another of his patients, Lee Ann Skiambra, also took the test.

“He suggested it to me, and I said,‘ Where can I sign up? Skiambra laughed.

She lost her mother to early breast cancer. His mother was only 50 years old. One of her sisters was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. Lee Ann wants to make sure she finds something wrong before the scan with mammograms and chest MRIs.

“I added this for peace of mind because I have a daughter who graduated from high school, I have been building a career for 30 years and I have a son who is a sophomore. So there are many reasons to make sure I’m on top of it, ”Skiambra said.

His Galleri test was negative.

When asked if this result would help her sleep through the night, she replied “yes”.

Gallery finds DNA in the blood, genetic markers of cancer. The two he could not find were brain cancer and primary melanoma skin cancer. There are no genetic fingerprints in their blood. Now insurance does not pay. And even with the test, you still have to have your colon, breast, cervical and prostate exams.

According to Ochsner, Dr. Mark Matrana Galleri is preparing for a clinical trial. Dr. Myers, if you pay out of pocket, you can take the test now, but in a few months, 10,000 healthy people of all races, 50 and older, will receive the test free of charge if they meet the requirements of the Ochsner study.

“Our goal is to detect cancer early, so we can often cure it before symptoms appear. “Most of the time, he’ll tell you the exact type of cancer, whether it’s lung cancer or colon cancer.” Mark Matrana and Medical Director of Precision Medicine at Oncologist and Ochner.

Too much, Dr. Matrana sees patients diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

“Often we have patients with families and young children, and it hurts when we have to tell them that they have an incurable disease. If we can catch it sooner and save their lives, it will have a big impact not only on the patients, but on the whole family, ”he said.

The Gallery test is 99.5 percent accurate when it gives a positive result for active cancer in your body.

“In fact, the statistics shown by the modeling show that if this test is widespread, we can prevent up to 40 percent of cancer deaths in this country each year,” he said. Matrana noted.

Jim was one of the preventable cancer deaths. She was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer and is rarely seen by doctors.

“What is it like to be diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer?” they asked. “It’s like it hit the lottery,” Ford recalls.

Jim underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and is cancer free.

I asked, “Jim, I mean, do you owe your life to this blood test?” I’m not, ”Ford said.

At the age of 77, he will not be able to work in a golf shop without any restrictions.

The test is no longer covered by insurance.

It costs between $ 800-950.

Thousands of people 50 and older who have not been treated for cancer can join the Ochsner study and take the test for free.

Call 888-995-7405 or email genomics@ochsner.org. There is also a website.

Ochsner’s academics and research team will also begin enrolling participants in the PATHFINDER 2 study over the age of 50 who are not actually diagnosed or treated for cancer. This is a promising, multi-centered interventional study of the Galleri test, which aims to enroll 20,000 participants through health systems in North America. Participants who have a “cancer signal detected” test will undergo a targeted diagnostic assessment based on the origin of the predicted cancer signal through the Ochsner Cancer Institute to determine if they have cancer.

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