9 tips for Minecraft beginners

Release version 1.0 Minecraft It will reach 12 in 2022. Despite its age and publicity, Mojang’s title is still incredibly popular and attracts new players every month.

For this reason, we have prepared a list 9 tips for beginners Minecraft. The advice is aimed at the Survival regime, which has raised more suspicions and requires more preparation. Enjoy!

1. Priorities of the first day

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Survival mode has a specific priority list on the first day. First, I found a tree and fought until the firewood fell. It does not matter what kind of tree, the most important is the wood.

On the inventory screen, you can turn the wood into a board. With the boards, still on the inventory screen, you make a chair. The workbench needs to be placed somewhere in the world to use, but it needs to be moved forward.

2. The first instruments

Source: Voxel

The next step is to get some basic tools. When the player enters the desktop, the player is immediately shown a list of things to do, and by default the first items on the list are things to do with the resources the character carries (the background cannot be red). ).

With the boards left over from the stand, it is recommended to make some sticks. Sticks and planks can be used together to make a variety of tools, but so far only one is needed: a picas. The tools used for the planks are very weak, we just need a picas to dig a little rock.

Stone tools are made according to recipes similar to wooden tools. The only difference is that gravel is used instead of planks. These are much more useful and will do until you find the iron.

3. What to do if you can’t find wool

Source: Voxel

Minecraft It has a day and night cycle, but the night is especially scary. Monsters appear at night, so you need to protect yourself. The ideal way to do this is to build a house (with wooden blocks or something you have on hand), put a bed in the middle and go to bed immediately to spend the night.

However, sheep need to be slaughtered to make wool for bedding, and there are not always sheep near the place where the game begins. So, a good tip is to dig / dig a small tunnel, leave a small hole to go in and finally get back to the surface.

This way you can use the night to mine safely and return to the surface in the morning.

4. Food

Source: Minecraft (Official Site)

In order to survive, you need to eat regularly, otherwise you will become hungry and lose your health. Look at the flesh-shaped icons on the right side of the heart to see if you should eat. The main thing: what to eat?

Animals such as pigs and chickens are scattered all over the world. It allows meat to kill animals, but it must be roasted for the meat to be effective. We can make an oven for roasting meat. Furnaces, in turn, need charcoal, which can be made of wood blocks (not boards) or mined, ready to use.

You can also eat small fruits, grow wheat to make bread, and so on. These other sources of nutrients become important as the game progresses because they can be easily grown.

5. Candles around the house

Source: Minecraft (Official Site)

A quick tip is to put candles around your house / base. Torches are easily created with sticks and cardboard, they illuminate a good area and the fire never goes out.

Monsters don’t like light, and it’s easy to find light when you don’t know exactly how to get back to where you rested.

6. Mark the coordinates

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It’s easy to go explore in Minecraft and forget where your belongings went from home. Lighting helps, but the safest way is to record your main coordinates.

In the PC version, you can easily access the current coordinates by pressing the button. So, while you are in this database, press the button, record the coordinates and explore. The process is similar in consoles. The difference is that you have to go through the options menu to display the current coordinates.

7. Always carry a bed

Source: Voxel

As mentioned earlier, bedding is very useful for spending the night instantly. So it’s always a good idea to have an extra bed in your inventory. If it gets dark and you’re away from the base, find a place where there are no monsters nearby, make a bed, and go to sleep.

8. Why is this function not visible?

Source: Voxel

The Minecraft global generator runs on a system of layers and special zones. Some materials, monsters, and other game elements only appear in certain areas and / or depths.

So, if you’ve been looking for a diamond for half an hour and you’re wondering why you haven’t found a single diamond … Maybe you’re just lying in a depth where diamonds can’t be formed.

9. Never dig directly under your feet

Source: Minecraft (Official Site)

This is the oldest advice Minecraft and it is still in effect. In this game, it is very dangerous to dig directly under your feet, because the next space may be a lava river. If there is a river of lava in the next space, then your character will fall directly into it and die (and your belongings will be destroyed).

Here are some tips to help you get started. The game gets more complicated over time, but even more fun. Enjoy!

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