9 facts about Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a franchise that started in video games and has gained several other media outlets, including movies, due to its success. It has become known as one of the toughest franchises in the gaming world and is nearing the end of its 30-year life.

Its graphic and motion quality has improved over time, and so there have been a variety of games to date that have become part of the history of pop culture and entertainment.

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9 facts about Mortal Kombat

To learn a little more about Mortal Kombat, we have collected some interesting facts about the game and how to create it.

1. Mortal Combat would be a game about Jean-Claude Van Damme

An interesting aspect of the game in the early days, according to the creator of the franchise Ed Boone, was originally a licensed game named after the Belgian actor and wrestler Jean-Claude Van Damme. Even the actor’s body and his military movements were initially used as a basis for the characters.

But he was not very good. According to him, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme did not like the idea for a long time, but they used it as a model, using his participation in the film “The Great White Dragon.” Although he did not take part in the filming, the character of Johnny Cage (in honor of JC) was also completely inspired by him.

Over time, the game changed its original offer and, as a result, began to inspire other artists and people like Aventureiros no Bairro Proibido. The game was inspired by the movie’s Thunder character to revive Thunder, the god of thunder. Lo Pan Mortal served as a reference to the creation of Shan Tsung, the bad character of Kombat.

2. Toast! Respect for the audio designer of the game


If you have played the classic Mortal Kombat, Toasti will definitely be remembered. This is a picture of a man who appeared in the corner of the screen along with the expression and has been of interest to players for a long time. Who is that guy?

The secret has been revealed and Toasti is none other than the franchise’s chief audio designer, Dan Forden. It was one of the most beautiful Easter eggs of the time, and came after a joke by Ed Boone, one of the creators of the franchise.

They both played a few football games in the arcades, and one day Dan Forden said, “Predict the toast!” he wanted to say. (Something like “I guess you’ll lose it” and ended with “Product Toast!” His way of saying that word later became a joke that appeared in Mortal Kombat II.

3. The game was the basis for the indicative rating in the United States

Today, it is common for games to have an indicative rating of content, especially violence and nudity. But this has not always been the case, and the arrival of Mortal Combat in the United States has raised the question.

One of the best assets against competitors in the category (such as Street Fighter) is that Mortal Kombat came as a game that featured graphic violence as well as the use of blood. Initially, due to the company’s policy, there was no blood on the SNES (or it was green) and for Mega Drive it had to be issued using the ABACABB code.

But all this controversy has led the network to launch a content rating system for video games. However, one of the main goals was, in fact, to protect the industry itself, which can now voluntarily self-regulate. This has prevented politicians from taking active steps to restrict content.

Thus, the Entertainment Software Rating Board, ESRB emerged.

4. There are 2 sub zeros


Not many people know, but there are 2 characters in the game nicknamed Sub-Zero, and both were opponents of Scorpio. The first of them was Bi Khan, who was the first Sub-Zero.

Believing that Scorpion Sub-Zero is responsible for the destruction of his clan, he decides to take part in the Mortal Kombat tournament. It was in this tournament that he killed Sub-Zero. But Bin Khan had a younger brother, Quai Liang, who wore a mantle and decided to get that nickname. His goal is to avenge the death of his older brother.

They will meet again in the second tournament organized by Shan Tsung and fight for life and death. But it is hindered by cybernetic ninjas from the Sub-Zero clan.

5. The first Sub Zero continued in the game, but as a different character

Mortal Kombat

After being killed by a Scorpio, Bi Khan, the first sub-zero, became a once-imaginary, demon-possessed demon. This is how Noob Saibot, the black ninja and the incarnation of evil, came into being. He first appeared as a secret character in Mortal Kombat II and became a character who could be played in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

What interests the character is that his name is in honor of the creators of Mortal Kombat. They came from Nub Bundon (Ed Boon) and Saibot Tobias (John Tobias) because they wrote their last names backwards.

6. Movements are made by real people

Another great asset of Mortal Kombat is that the game showed very realistic movements of fights and battles. This is because the game was created from the technique of drawing movement, which was quite innovative at the time. Something in this direction was also used in the Prince of Persia.

With this technique, the characters are not drawn in 2D format, as in other games in the genre, but are digitized from the writings of real people. Thus, from games, to Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate, all warriors are created from the movements of real people.

Now you can find videos on the Internet that reflect this work and compare the actions of the actors with the characters, which is very interesting.

7. Bruce Lee was the character’s inspiration and his son had a guaranteed role in the first film

Mortal Kombat

Anyone who has followed Bruce Lee’s career and seen his films can easily understand that the actor is inspired by the image of Liu Kang. Visually and in terms of movement, even the noise made during a fight.

But the interesting fact is that Bruce Lee’s son also has a history related to Mortal Kombat, albeit a very short one. It turned out that when the first film based on the game was made, the role of Johnny Cage was given only to Brandon League.

Unfortunately, before the film was made, Brandon Lee died while filming another “Crow” in a very famous incident in the film industry. Brandon was supposed to have blanks, but crashed with a rifle with real bullets.

8. The first film is one of the most lucrative video game adaptations to date

Unlike the world of comics, which is successfully adapted on the big screen today, videos adapted for video games often do not have big hits. Mortal Kombat in 1995 was one of the first of its kind and marked an era for its continued success to this day.

The film had a budget of about $ 18 million and grossed $ 70 million in the United States alone. They grossed more than $ 122 million at the box office. These days, it is one of the most lucrative video game adaptations.

9. Animalism comes from gossip


One of the most exciting ways to kill an opponent that emerged with the advent of Mortal Kombat 3 was Animality. Fans of the game began to spread rumors that his super-secret was particularly deadly and that it was so secretive and difficult to execute that several people could access it. Rumor has it that this particular Fatality character caused the character to turn into an animal and finish his opponent.

This rumor reached the developers who loved the idea and really added a new type of decoration called Animality.

So, do you have any interest in the games or movies that will be added to the list? What is your favorite Mortal Kombat? Leave a comment!

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