7 Signs You Need More Vitamin C

Is your food regimen getting sufficient vitamin C? You might imagine you eat effectively, however in accordance with the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, almost 7% of girls and 10% of males are poor in vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency?

You get sick typically

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress and helps your physique struggle infections. This antioxidant vitamin promotes wound therapeutic and helps wholesome collagen manufacturing. Collagen is a protein that helps preserve your joints wholesome and your pores and skin agency and wrinkle-free.


If you’re getting each respiratory an infection and virus, you could want extra vitamin C in your food regimen. Also, for those who do not eat vegatables and fruits, that are probably the greatest sources of vitamin C, your physique could develop into starved of vitamin C.

You cannot retailer vitamin C, so ensure you get some in your food regimen every single day. Vitamin C might help keep off the newest viruses, nevertheless it’s additionally essential to rule out different causes of elevated susceptibility to an infection by means of blood work and bodily exams.

You are at all times drained

One signal that you just want extra vitamin C is fatigue. If you’re feeling drained on a regular basis and nothing has modified in your food regimen or life-style these days, it may very well be because of low vitamin C in your physique and the early phases of scurvy. However, there are numerous causes of fatigue. If you are feeling drained, see your physician for an examination and blood work to find out the reason for your fatigue and whether or not you want extra vitamin C.

The mom is bleeding

Vitamin C is a robust antioxidant that helps forestall tooth decay. One research discovered that individuals with low ranges of vitamin C have been 1.16 occasions extra prone to have bleeding gums. Bleeding of the teat could be a signal of scurvy, which is attributable to a scarcity of vitamin C. If your enamel are bleeding, eat extra meals wealthy in vitamin C, however see your dentist to forestall gum illness.

You bruise simply

If you discover extra bruises than ordinary, a vitamin C deficiency could also be accountable. The vitamin helps in blood clotting and strengthens physique tissues. If you do not have sufficient of it in your system, it will probably result in straightforward bruising. So, take into account upping your consumption in case your morning routine leaves behind that dreaded black-and-blue mark. It could take a number of weeks to your physique to soak up vitamin C from meals or dietary supplements. Low platelets are one other reason behind bruising, so get a full check-up and blood take a look at earlier than you assume you are vitamin C poor.

Slow therapeutic wounds

If you are recovering from surgical procedure, cuts, or different accidents, add extra vitamin C to your food regimen. Studies present that greater than half of sufferers who obtain excessive doses of vitamin C after surgical procedure recuperate sooner than those that don’t take the complement.

Vitamin C helps preserve wholesome collagen, the protein that retains pores and skin easy and supple. Without sufficient vitamin C, you do not make sufficient new collagen as you age—which is why older individuals have extra wrinkles on their faces and palms. So if you wish to have youthful trying pores and skin (and who does not?), ensure you’re getting loads of fruits like kiwis or oranges.

Your joints damage

Joint ache is without doubt one of the commonest signs of vitamin C deficiency. It can have an effect on any joint, however it’s commonest within the knees and hips. Why does vitamin C deficiency trigger joint ache? Vitamin C helps create wholesome collagen for joint assist. If you do not eat sufficient, your joints will be broken. Symptoms embrace joint ache once you transfer, swelling and bruising round your joints, and ache within the muscular tissues or tendons close to your joints.

If you may have these signs, it is essential to see your physician as a result of they may very well be attributable to one thing else, equivalent to one of many greater than 100 sorts of arthritis. But ensure you get sufficient vitamin C in your food regimen to maintain your joints wholesome.

pores and skin adjustments

If you’re poor in vitamin C, you might have simply noticeable pores and skin adjustments. The commonest signs of vitamin C deficiency are:

  • Red or discolored patches in your pores and skin
  • Easy bruising, particularly in areas that usually do not bruise (like the within of the elbow)
  • The corners of the mouth develop into dry and cracked

These signs normally go away once you enhance your consumption. If not, there could also be one more reason. You can get vitamin C from meals like citrus fruits and bell peppers or from vitamin C dietary supplements.


If you are experiencing any of those deficiency signs, keep in mind that vitamin C could play a task. Even if you do not have these indicators or signs, ensure you get sufficient vitamin C in your food regimen by consuming loads of meals wealthy in vitamin C.


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