7 best multiplayer scary mobile games

If there are such names died during the day and franchise Anthology of Dark Pictures The internet proves that playing scary games with friends or strangers can be a lot of fun because you can share the tension and laugh together at the scary shouts.

And the best way to enjoy the scary moments with more people is with mobile games, because they are usually easier, free, and even if some people don’t have a console, everyone has a cell phone or tablet to participate in the fun.

With that in mind, we made a list 7 best scary multiplayer players for Android and iOS Enjoy with your kids or make new friends online! Check it out below:


Inspired by Dead by Daylight, this mobile game allows up to five players per game, who are split between four survivors and a dangerous killer, the group’s goal is to escape the nest, and the pursuer captures all the booty.

The wonderful thing is that there are seven different offerings to choose from, and each has its own abilities and functions, such as healing, repairing generators, fleeing faster, trying to steal, and more.

For those who decide to create the image of a bad character, you can choose from four difficult figures: the Butcher, the Bodybuilder, the Ghost and the Beast.

With a 4.3 star rating on the Play Store and a 4.4 rating on the App Store, it received several positive reviews from users and was rated higher than the mobile version of the game, which inspired it.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Meaning: for free

Specimen Zero – Extreme Horror

With first-person style, Specimen Zero Presents scary adventures full of exploration, riddles and very interesting monsters, this is a great option for those who want to enjoy a lot of people, even trying to survive alone.

In fact, the protagonist wakes up in an unknown and dark place, does not know how he got there, and wakes up with the last stolen memory.

He also soon realizes that he is not alone there and has to find things and hooks that help him get out of the object.

With a very smooth interface for the mobile standard, it still has well-designed 3D graphics and a moving camera that makes it easier to see all aspects of the scenario better. It’s a good idea to use headphones to feel the sound effects closer, which can help increase tension.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Meaning: for free

Dangerous hunting: Until sunrise

In this asymmetrical multiplayer game, predators from other realms begin to enter our world through portals, and it is in the hands of many adventurers to prevent their success and lead them to hell on earth.

With five player matches, four have to play the role of brave hunters defending their size, and a fifth has to kill all his victims to accomplish his evil mission.

This is another name that follows the style died during the dayEach character and villain has unique abilities and their own style of play, but it’s still a fun and free option to enjoy with friends.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Meaning: for free

not killed

And, of course, there can’t be an immortal shooter off this list!

In Unkilled, players play the role of one of five members of a private military team called Park, whose mission is to find what makes New York the center of a zombie attack.

The game has 150 story-related missions, which bring many heavy weapons and various enemies to battle. And if you and your allies are tired of just shooting zombies, it also offers a five-card PVP mode and a mode where you can form your own army of undead to attack other players’ bases.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Meaning: for free

Identity V

With its gothic aesthetics combined with Tim Burton’s works, this horror game of survival revolves around four characters trying to escape cruelty.

His plot is based on the case of Detective Orpheus, who was initially summoned by a mysterious letter to investigate a dangerous and neglected castle. And when he finds the body of one of the victims at the scene, he must unravel the mysteries of a mysterious and dangerous murder game.

In addition to having beautiful dark graphics and a soundtrack that helped increase tension, the game also went by other well-known names, such as Danganroppa, persona, The Promised Neverland and the death note.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Meaning: for free

Imposter Hide

reminiscent of style Among usThis mobile game involves a crew of cats on a spaceship who have to perform various tasks, but be very careful not to distract from the amazing imposters who will be faster and smarter at each level.

The game combines elegance with a good dose and can be played by up to 16 people against a bad bot.

Platform: android

Meaning: for free

facial expressions

facial expressions Another mobile game to remember Among usHere, a player from a group of nine people infects an alien creature and begins to spy on their partners.

Like a good asymmetrical title, the mission of the group is to try to escape before they are killed, and the bad guy is to deceive them all and prevent their secrets from being revealed as much as possible. To do this, it can pass through a human, a monster, or even one of its dead limbs and change its appearance.

The game has more than 120,000 reviews and a 4.6 star rating on the Play Store, proving that it deserves a game full of intrigue with friends – but without losing the friendship, of course.

Platform: android

Meaning: for free

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