6 signs of heart problems that have nothing to do with chest pain

Although chest pain is a symptom typically related with cardiovascular problems, there are a variety of atypical signs that could point out one thing is improper with the heart.

High blood stress, blood clots, arrhythmias, and valve problems may cause dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and jaw pain. Because these signs are usually not so clearly associated to the heart and are related with different well being situations, they’re typically missed, main to delays in life-saving emergency care.

“A typical concern for us is chest discomfort, however the reality is that cardiovascular problems can truly be marked by different signs,” stated Dr. Rigved Tadwalkara board-certified heart specialist at Providence St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, advised HuffPost.

Here are some signs that could point out a heart assault:

Tingling or pain within the legs

According to Tadwalkar, pain within the calves or decrease legs, particularly when accompanied by swelling, might be attributable to blood clots within the deep veins of the physique. Leg swelling can even happen if the heart has problems pumping blood all through the physique lowered blood stream to the legs.

“Pain within the legs, despite the fact that it feels so distant from the heart, can truly imply one thing is happening within the cardiovascular system,” Tadwalkar stated.

Dizziness or vertigo

Dr. Joyce Oen-Hsiao, heart specialist and affiliate professor of medical medication at Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut, has handled many sufferers presenting with dizziness and vertigo. But it typically takes somewhat detective work to work out what’s inflicting these signs.

Blood stress problems, together with blood stress that is just too excessive or too low, may cause dizziness. Some folks expertise palpitations or further heartbeats, which may trigger dizziness, Oen-Hsiao stated.

Oen-Hsiao says most arrhythmias are benign and attributable to elements akin to caffeine or menopause, however palpitations that happen on the base of the heart chambers generally is a signal of heart illness. .


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Neurological signs akin to headache and dizziness generally is a signal of cardiovascular problems.

A foul headache

A extreme headache generally is a signal that one thing is improper with the heart. According to Oeng-hsiao, pain within the entrance of the pinnacle and behind the eyes signifies that an individual has hypertension.

“Some folks do not feel the blood stress, however sooner or later the blood stress of their mind turns into too excessive, after which they really feel a headache within the entrance and pain behind the eyes,” Oen-Hsiao stated.

High blood stress main to complications might be an emergency, Tadwalkar stated. If the stress is excessive sufficient and lasts lengthy sufficient, it might trigger to burst blood vessels.

“It’s useful to see your physician since you need to know in case your blood stress goes up so it may be addressed earlier than it occurs,” Tadwalkar stated.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is a symptom related with many heart illnesses.

“There are many situations that we consider and deal with as the first symptom of shortness of breath, from our level of view — as cardiologists — it is a non-specific symptom, nevertheless it’s vital,” Tadwalkar stated.

Especially robust shortness of breath generally is a signal that an individual has hypertension. Oeng-Hsiao stated she sees many aged girls who develop into brief of breath after they train.

“As quickly as they begin exercising, their blood stress goes actually excessive above regular,” they usually develop into brief of breath, Oen-Hsiao stated.

Sudden problem respiratory generally is a signal of a clot within the lungs. There could also be an issue with one of them heart valvesheart rhythm disturbance and even heart failure. If the shortness of breath is sudden and extreme, or if it will get progressively worse, you will need to see a heart specialist, Tadwalkar stated.

Shortness of breath, especially when it feels severe and sudden, should be evaluated by a doctor.

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Shortness of breath, particularly when it feels extreme and sudden, must be evaluated by a health care provider.

Nausea or loss of urge for food

Dizziness and loss of urge for food might be signs of heart failure. When the heart begins to fail, fluid accumulates within the legs and stomach. When the intestine is full of fluid, it does not soak up vitamins as properly, inflicting folks to lose urge for food and really feel full on a regular basis, Oeng-Hsiao stated.

Sometimes nausea and abdomen pain are the one signs in sufferers with posterior coronary artery occlusion.

“Most sufferers who have a heart assault with an artery within the again of the heart do not truly have chest pain or shortness of breath, they simply have nausea and belly pain,” Oen. Xiao stated.

Jaw pain and tightness

Some folks with cardiovascular problems expertise jaw pain and heaviness that radiates to the neck, jaw, and decrease left arm. This is usually the case when sufferers make an effort.

Oeng-Hsiao stated these signs may very well be signs of a heart assault, however they is also angina (a critical blockage). People with neck and jaw pain must be evaluated by a health care provider instantly.

“A cluster of jaw discomfort and nausea — particularly with chest discomfort — ought to get somebody to the emergency room straight away, even when it does not appear cardiac at first,” Tadwalkar stated.


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