5 Unforgettable SEGA Consoles

SEGA consoles were part of the childhood of many people born in the 80s and 90s. Some adventure games like Street Fighter, Alex Kid and especially the famous Sonic have become an important milestone in the history of consoles and video games and are still popular and loved by players of many generations to this day.

In this article, we’ll talk a bit about the company’s origins and list the 5 consoles that mark these generations.

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A brief history of SEGA

SEGA was founded in 1952 in Tokyo, Japan and is named after the Service Games. Initially, his fame began when he started making arcades, but soon with the advent of the Master system, he became a popular brand in the console world.

It was on many people’s favorite lists, and at the time it was cheaper than others. This reputation only grew a year later when the company launched Mega Drive, which ended up consolidating SEGA as a console brand, as it dominated sales in several markets, including Europe and America.

With the consoles, they introduced Sonic, which was more or less a “poster boy” for Super Mario Nintendo for SEGA. Soon after, SEGA brought to the market a novelty of that time, which was a console that supported CDs and SEGA CDs.

Then there are more releases, especially SEGA Saturn and, in 1988, DREAMCAST. We will talk a little more about them in this article.


In 2001, SEGA stopped producing consoles and began devoting itself to software, including some games sold to other console manufacturers such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. That’s why the still-famous SEGA symbol can be seen in modern games like the Yakuza: Sonic himself, like the Dragon and, of course, still winning a few games on other platforms.

But for lovers of classics, the company offers solutions such as the launch of the SEGA Forever project in 2017, which brought the best Master System and Mega Drive games to smartphones. In addition, old consoles can still be purchased online, and the company itself has even redesigned some of the reformed models, such as the Mega Drive Mini, which won the Mega Drive Mini version a few days ago. .

SEGA came to Brazil thanks to a partnership with Tectoy and Master System made its debut here in 1989 with the famous Zillion pistol.

The 5 most impressive consoles

Now let’s talk a little bit about each of the devices and note the 5 most memorable SEGA consoles.

Master System

Master System

Master System was the first SEGA console to gain real popularity in the gaming market. It was launched in Japan in 1985, but only arrived in Brazil in 1989. Here the console was one of the most successful markets, and was a part of the lives of many children at that time and even in later years.

It has also brought many games set in history, such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Shinobi, Alex Kidd, Phantasy Star and even the famous Street Fighter version. The console was so successful that to this day they can be found for sale in the original model in Brazil.

With a little upgrade, it can now be purchased with more than 130 games in memory, but in its usual form, using an 8-bit processor with up to 64 color images.

Mega Drive


The success of the Master System has paved the way for SEGA’s next memorable console, most surprisingly, for the Mega Drive. Although it has surpassed the popularity of its predecessor, Mega Drive has won the hearts of gamers and become another big hit for the company.

Here in Brazil he arrived in 1990, that is, a year after the Master System and he became a favorite in the market. At the time, the SEGA console surpassed Super Nintendo sales. Currently in 2019, the company has released a modern and updated model of the Mini console, which has already come with favorite games such as Sonic, Street Fighter, Castlevania Bloodlines and Streets of Rage 2. A few days ago the company Mega Drive Mini 2.

Despite its incredible success in Brazil, Mega Drive’s homeland was not so popular in Japan. In the United States, known as the startup, the console has grown in popularity.



Since the SEGA CD did not approach the popularity of the previous two, it differs from the real success by its originality at that time. However, he came up with a very interesting innovation and managed to beat many players.

SEGA launched the console in an effort to bring some kind of evolution to Mega Drive and try to oust Nintendo in the United States. To do this, it has increased the processing capacity of the SEGA CD and, of course, as its name suggests, added a feature to support games on CD.

At first, the idea seemed right, because at the time of its launch, sales were high and all the devices sold out quickly. But in its first year, it sold only 100,000 units, and many say the price was one of the reasons for such low demand because other consoles were cheaper.

In addition, the console initially suffered from several game options, as it took some time for SEGA to send the development kits to the studios.

SEGA Saturn


Although SEGA Saturn was officially launched in November 1994 and SEGA CD was not very successful, the company still reaped the benefits of Master System and Mega Drive in several markets, mainly in the United States and here in Brazil. .

Starting with the company’s 32-bit generation, it came with great news that led to improvements in game graphics and other elements such as sound and even game types.

The console had everything to be another win, as Nintendo still had no competitors in the market and Sony would launch the PlayStation only a month later (at the time it was new to the market and SEGA was not popular in this sector). But that is not exactly what happened.

SEGA Saturn has only been in the market for 4 years because of the company’s wrong decisions (it waited for the console to launch and preferred to sell to some outlets, angrily refusing to sell the console to others). For success, the PlayStation has reached a market that has conquered several players. Waiting for the launch also meant that the developers didn’t have the games ready in time, so those who bought the console first didn’t have many options for entertainment.

But it still lasted a long time and became unforgettable for those who experienced it. The console here in Brazil is called Saturn, and has brought innovations such as analog controls and amazing games like Nights: Into Dreams and Panzer Dragon.



Still in the fight to overtake Nintendo, Super Nintendo has had incredible success in several markets, and the SEGA Mega Drive knew it could no longer breathe, especially with the advent of 32-bit consoles.

As we saw above, SEGA Saturn got off to a happy start, but it ended up crashing quickly with the arrival of the PlayStation. In 1996, the company accelerated projects for a new console, and in 1997 Dreamcast appeared. In this case, SEGA has already learned from past mistakes and this time managed to invest well in the device’s marketing campaign.

Even with this disclosure contribution that one was entitled to premiere The Dreamcast in theaters has come to the United States with incredible success. There, on launch day, they sold 225,000 units, more than 525,000 before they were sold. The company’s record to date.

Dreamcast came to clear up a bit of Saturn’s mistake, including with the company’s brand’s cheaper prices. This has led to new features like controls that are very user-friendly and have an additional screen.

The games had some particularly entertaining events, especially Sonic Adventure, Ready 2 Rumble, Virtua Fighter 3, Crazy Taxi, Daytona USA, Ferrari F355, Capcom vs. SNK, Dead or Alive 2, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Soul Calibur, Grandia II, House of the Dead 2, RE: Code Veronica, Shenmue, NBA 2K2 and Virtua Tennis.

Dreamcast was a success, and before Sony announced the PlayStation 2 in 1999, the SEGA console began to decline in the market. In 2001, the company announced that it would no longer release the console, and that the game was exiting the hardware market.

Do you have any good memories with any SEGA console? What was your favorite game? In the comments, share your experience and nostalgia.

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