2-year-old died in hospital because of stomach problems Main events


With gastroenteritis on the rise in St James and St Andrew, medical doctors on the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) in Montego Bay confirmed {that a} two-year-old boy was admitted to the power on Tuesday night with signs. He died after a couple of hours of sickness on Wednesday morning.

The baby, who was first taken to a personal hospital earlier than his dad and mom had been handled at CRH, offered with vomiting and diarrhea, mentioned Dr. Delroy Frey, scientific coordinator for the Western Regional Health Authority.

The hospital’s head of paediatrics, Dr Carleen Grant-Davies, mentioned circumstances had been growing at St James’s. The virus additionally impacts adults, however kids could be extra severely affected.

Since Sunday, 112 kids have been referred to Bustamante Children’s Hospital with intestinal infections.

“We had 28 kids on the sixteenth, 35 on the seventeenth, 26 on the 18th and 23 on the nineteenth,” mentioned Dr. Sandra Chambers, regional technical director for the Southeast Regional Health Authority. The GleanerHe added that the state of affairs was intently monitored.

According to him, most of them are handled and there’s no cause to fret.

Gastroenteritis could be attributable to each viruses and micro organism. The viruses are extremely contagious and might injury the cells lining the intestines, however Grant-Davies insists that in most circumstances it is not severe.

“But kids can get very sick. “In reality, nearly all kids are contaminated with this virus earlier than the age of three,” he mentioned.

Grant-Davies defined that rotavirus is the most typical trigger of gastroenteritis and is the most typical an infection between November and March, as soon as generally known as “winter vomiting illness”.

Symptoms embrace diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and stomach ache. He mentioned these signs start a day or two after publicity to the virus and normally final three to eight days.

Prolonged or extreme diarrhea, particularly if accompanied by vomiting, can result in dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration embrace elevated thirst, dry mouth, and weight reduction.

“As dehydration worsens, your baby will grow to be cranky, irritable, have sunken eyes, and have an elevated coronary heart price and respiration price. If dehydration continues, the kidneys will cease working and the center won’t have sufficient fluid to pump. Blood stress drops, your baby could go into shock and die,” he warned.

“Because these are viral illnesses, antibiotics usually are not beneficial and might truly make the diarrhea worse. “There is a vaccine for infants below six months of age that may stop extreme circumstances of rotavirus gastroenteritis,” Grant-Davis mentioned.

He suggested that gastroenteritis can unfold very simply, so households ought to wash their palms often and keep away from work or faculty for not less than 48 hours after signs clear to scale back the danger of transmission.

Take your baby to the physician or the closest emergency room if:

• Have indicators of extreme dehydration, reminiscent of persistent dizziness, passing little or no urine, or once they go out.

• Have bloody diarrhea.

• Persistent vomiting and incapability to retain fluids.

• Have a temperature larger than 38 levels Celsius (100.4°F).

• Symptoms haven’t improved after a number of days.

• Have a severe sickness, reminiscent of kidney illness, inflammatory bowel illness, or a weakened immune system.

what are you able to do

• These viral illnesses resolve on their very own with none particular remedy. Make the kid as comfy as doable and take measures to stop dehydration. Encourage the kid to relaxation, drink additional fluids, and proceed a daily weight loss program.

• Babies ought to drink breast milk or common components.

• The finest fluids are plain water, coconut water, breast milk, or combined or freshly made juices with no added sugar. Avoid business juices, as they’re usually excessive in sugar, which might make diarrhea worse.

• If the diarrhea is extreme or persistent, you will need to have salt in the fluid because salts are misplaced in diarrhea. Rehydration fluids are offered over-the-counter. Avoid making your individual salts, as utilizing the fallacious quantity of salt and water could make the situation worse.

• If your baby is vomiting, proceed to offer fluids, however in small quantities (use a teaspoon, give one teaspoon each two to 5 minutes) and feed extra usually.

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