15 PlayStation 1 games to remember from childhood

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It was as popular as several consoles PlayStation 1. The fruit of a failed partnership with NintendoThe video showed the power of the game Sony By combining powerful equipment with an amazing titles library. It is no coincidence that most of the most memorable franchises to date are born on PS1!

To remember just a small part of the platform’s great catalog, we’ve put together 15 classic PlayStation 1 games!

silent hill

Just the name of the lost gossip, even the dawn with a little fog silent hill Used for the most discussed topics in all social networks. franchise Konami There are so many loyal fans to this day that they want more.

Refer to the first chapter of the saga to understand why. case Peace team presents a risk of survival The plot is really scary, cold atmosphere, grotesque monsters and no clear answers. Since then, the only games that have been able to replicate the classic sense of tension are its sequels – at least all the sequels developed by the original team.

Crash Bandicoot Franchise

PS1 official mascot, Crash Bandicoot Put the studio Naughty Dog On the map, a trilogy of 3D platforms full of personal and complex levels, showing all the graphical capabilities of the platform.

Three amazing games were not enough, Crash also won wonderful derivatives, for example Crash Team Racing – a worthy competitor Mario Cart – the and Crash Bashmainly Mario’s party From Sony.


Stick to the crash Spyro This is another 3D platform that helped showcase all the impressive graphics capabilities of the PS1. The vast world and the game full of life brought many people into the game.

The mascot was out for a while, but like Crash – recently returned with an impressive remake.

Final Fantasy VII

When it comes to early connections, it’s no exaggeration Final Fantasy VII The reason why so many people love JRPGs these days. classic SquareSoft Released in 1997, it opened the door to the Japanese genre around the world, featuring state-of-the-art visuals (for the time being), intense alternating combat and epic and memorable soundtracks.

There are those who prefer Final Fantasy IX, but the seventh game remains very relevant because it is a memorable story about a group of eco-terrorists fighting the constant power of a megacorporation. Not surprisingly, his remake was one of the most sought-after games for decades and one of the biggest hits of the One / PS4 generation when it finally came out in 2020.

Disney Games

When it comes to remembering PS1 games, you can’t live with absolute classics and revolutionary creations alone. Finally, the joy of the console was that it won all sorts of great titles, including well-licensed games.

Many people had a PS1 as a child, and it was a great opportunity for the company’s animated games. disney was successful in cinemas and video stores. Because such works are well remembered by many Tarzan, Aladdin the and herculesWon the most charismatic and fun 2D games!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

If you get most of the lists of the best PS1 games, you can only find the original titles, but in fact this and the PS2 generation was the golden age for licensed games. Inspired titles from movies and cartoons were a definite investment to be complete and interesting.

One of the best examples of this trend that no longer exists is this game Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Released in 2002, the game allows you to explore Hogwarts, solve puzzles and even play Quidditch in addition to watching a few moments on the big screen. We can forgive Hagrid’s awkward face, because there was something special about going to the movies, loving the movies, and re-enacting his best parts in a video game.

Metal Gear Solid

If today’s video games are inspired by the language of cinema, this is it Metal Gear Solid Worth recognizing to start a trend. Helped create the 1998 game Hideo Kojimacreated a spy plot worthy of the movie.

With the best secret game, Solid Snake is as complex as the first adventure game, but at the same time brings a wonderful story about spying, warfare and the controversy between clones. The franchise has become one of the favorites in the game and the first title remains big even by modern standards.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

THE Konami Delivered some of the best retro franchises. castlevania, in turn, has already been a giant since Nintendinho. On the PS1, however, he won one of the best titles in the entire saga: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Mass maps, bone-shaking soundtracks, and many grotesque creatures as enemies, Night Symphony carried everything that was already good castlevania and built one of the best works like this. Even his dubious voice acting dialogues have a certain charm!

Resident Evil trilogy

resident Evil determined how to make a scary game and the PS1 was the home of this scary revolution. Sony’s first console was the scene of the famous classic trilogy, which took place across Spencer Mansion and Racon City streets.

Whether for threats, for a tense game that requires the proper use of resources, or for symbolic characters, resident Evil remains one of the game’s favorite franchises to date, and its roots are always worth revisiting.

Tekken 3

Various traditional 2D genres with powerful equipment began to explore three dimensions. From this group of experiments, kicked is one of the best franchises – and Tekken 3 This is one of the highlights of the saga.

With a large group of fighters, the game is challenging for those who want to dominate, but ridiculously satisfying and available to those who want to get a few downsides. Honesty is needed between friends!

Tony Hawking Pro Skater Quadrilogy

Made with the help of skaters, epic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Playing with almost perfect translation is an important step in getting skateboarding phenomena from the streets.

With an incredibly satisfying game, the game allows the player to achieve goals in several stages and remains a window into the culture of the 1990s through environments, maneuvers, costumes and of course music.

Tomb Raider

The PS1 has allowed consoles to come in genres that were previously exclusive to the PC, such as 3D adventure games. There is no greater success among them Tomb Raider.

The game introduced the world to researcher Lara Croft Indiana Jones With acrobatic skills and a pair of pistols to fight various threats – even the most astonishing dangers like caves full of dinosaurs.

the driver

With the development of 3D games, it didn’t take long for titles to emerge that tested the limitations of the environments that could be achieved. One of the games that led to this attack on the consoles was the series the driver.

Inspired by the seventies crime movies, the game puts you in the steering wheel of a car driven by a plainclothes police officer. This was due to the level of freedom (by time standards) that allowed us to explore four cities in the open world. the driver Who sowed the seeds of this chaotic design that inspired GTA etc.

Medal of Honor

Steven Spielberg He is one of the greatest directors of the film, directing such classics as sharks, Indiana Jones, ET and many other things. It turns out that the filmmaker has always had a certain interest in games, and he tried it when he created one of the biggest shooters on PS1: Medal of Honor.

A game that Spielberg invented and wrote during the development of the film Save ordinary RyanIn World War II, he puts the player in command of a battalion and takes him on a very cinematic journey – a long time ago. Call of duty thus becoming known.

Grand Tourism 2

The PS1 library had a variety of games, including racing simulators. It may not seem so in modern times, however Grand Tourism 2 It was one of the most realistic experiences, especially visually.

The racing game had real tracks and cars, precise control and amazing graphics. This is one of the best shows of how powerful the PS1 was at the time!

What is your favorite PS1 game? Leave in the comments below!

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