13 Foods I’ve Always Purchased for Fat Loss and Fitness Over 4 Years

  • Four years in the past I minimize my physique fats proportion in half and have maintained the fats loss ever since.
  • My weight loss plan varies, however there are staples like sourdough bread and broccoli that I at all times purchase.
  • I cowl all of the meals teams, eat protein-rich meals, and modify portion sizes based mostly on my targets.

Four years in the past I practically halved my physique fats proportion and misplaced 35 kilos, and I’ve stayed on the similar physique composition ever since.

Strength coaching, strolling, and a high-protein weight loss plan have helped me keep fats loss and acquire muscle through the years, and sure meals have change into staples in my grocery cart.

I do know there are no meals which are inherently fattening, so if I acquire a bit weight and I wish to drop a pound or two of fats, I simply change my portion sizes as a substitute of slicing out meals teams.

I at all times maintain protein excessive as a result of it helps your muscle tissue get better from train, fills you up so it retains you full, and helps you lose fats and keep muscle from a calorie deficit.

My weight loss plan is not “excellent” — I comply with the 80/20 rule, attempting to decide on nutritious meals 80% of the time and eat no matter I need the remainder of the time, together with donuts, pizza, and cookies.

Whether I’m attempting to construct muscle, keep weight, or lose fats, these are 13 meals I at all times maintain in my pantry.

1. Greek yogurt

yogurt plate

Greek yogurt with banana, granola and peanut butter.


Rachel Hosey

I eat non-fat Greek yogurt (or pure protein dairy like Icelandic Skyr or British yogurt) a lot that it is change into a operating joke in my household.

I really like the thick, creamy texture, the tangy taste, and its versatility—I take advantage of it in smoothies, in a single day oats, with honey, fruit, and granola, and typically substitute it for bitter cream in savory dishes. It is filled with protein and means that you can eat massive quantities of meals whereas decreasing energy.

“Greek yogurt is a superb supply of protein, and when you select the unsweetened selection, it is low in sugar and will maintain you full and glad,” nutritionist Daniel Davey informed Insider. “It’s nice so as to add to fruit as a balanced snack.”

2. oats

I eat oats in some kind most mornings, protein oats, in a single day oats or cooked oats. I typically use them in pancakes and baked items or banana bread.

“Oats comprise each soluble and insoluble fiber, which is crucial for a wholesome digestive system,” Davie mentioned. “Oatmeal is a slow-digesting carbohydrate that retains you feeling full for longer.”

3. Banana

I really like bananas, whether or not sliced ​​in peanut butter on bagels or toast, mashed into oatmeal, baked with chocolate filling, or frozen and then blended into creamy smoothies.

“Bananas are an excellent supply of vitality earlier than or after a exercise, excellent for smoothies and added to toast for a restoration meal,” mentioned Davy. “They additionally comprise potassium, an essential mineral for nerve perform, regulating blood stress and coronary heart price.”

4. Chicken

Coconut Chicken Curry and Cauliflower Rice.

Coconut Chicken Curry.


Rachel Hosey/Insider

Some folks suppose rooster is boring, however when cooked nicely, I feel it is scrumptious. I take advantage of rooster in fajitas, curries, sandwiches, stews, and extra.

“Chicken breast is excessive in protein, which helps the physique develop and get better, so it is particularly helpful as a post-workout meal,” Davey mentioned.

5. Turkey

Turkey is a lean different to beef and is scrumptious in its personal proper. I prefer to cook dinner with Mexican spices or make chili and serve with rice and greens.

“Beef is low in carbs and excessive in protein, excellent for assembly protein targets or mixing up your protein sources,” Davie mentioned.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli is one in every of my favourite greens and I add it to most meals (I get that bizarre). It’s additionally comparatively excessive in protein for inexperienced greens, offering 4 grams per 100-gram serving.

“Broccoli incorporates vitamin C, which is sweet for the immune system,” Davy mentioned. “It helps the physique make particular immune cells to struggle an infection.”

7. Eggs

Avocado, eggs and turkey bacon on toast.

Avocado, eggs and turkey bacon on toast.


Rachel Hosey

I really like eggs, omelets and frittatas and usually add cheese and veggies for taste and vitamins. Scrambled eggs with cheese on sourdough with avocado is one in every of my go-to lunches.

“Eggs are an excellent supply of protein, in addition to vitamin D, which is crucial for calcium absorption for sturdy bones and enamel,” Davie mentioned.

8. Sourdough bread

Whether you are slathering it with avocado and eggs, on toast and topped with peanut butter and banana, or with a rooster sandwich, I really like the style of sourdough and how good it’s for my intestine.

“Sourdough bread is a superb supply of vitality and additionally helps a wholesome intestine because of the presence of lactic acid used within the bread making course of,” mentioned Davy.

9. Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese is scrumptious melted on prime of a Mexican-spiced rooster and vegetable platter, over eggs or omelets, over baked beans and baked potatoes, or combined into pasta. If I’m attempting to eat in a calorie deficit, I watch my portion sizes or purchase the fats model.

“Cheddar cheese is an efficient supply of protein and a wealthy supply of calcium, an essential mineral for bone well being and muscle contraction,” Davie mentioned.

10. Frozen fruits

Oats with fruit and peanut butter.

Thaw frozen fruit on oatmeal.



Frozen fruit is less expensive than recent, simply as nutritious, and you do not have to fret about it going unhealthy. I make them into smoothies or dissolve them in my in a single day oats.

“Frozen fruit is a good supply of antioxidants and fiber. Perfect on prime of in a single day oats or in a smoothie,” mentioned Davy.

11. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is excessive in energy, but it surely’s additionally filling. I often add it to my oatmeal or in a single day oats and it retains me fuller than with out. I watch my portion sizes as I attempt to stick with a calorie deficit, however I completely love peanut butter and eat it in all the pieces from bagels to curry.

“Arachis oil is excessive in polyunsaturated fats, which helps the physique take in fat-soluble nutritional vitamins,” Davy mentioned. “It works nicely on toast or added to porridge within the morning.”

12. Avocado

Avocados are additionally excessive in energy, however they’re filled with vitamins and scrumptious. I eat them with eggs and toast, on a rooster sandwich, salads, and fajitas.

“Avocados are an excellent supply of wholesome fat which are important for optimum well being,” mentioned Davy. “Avocados are additionally a very good supply of magnesium.”

13. Brown rice


Mexican floor turkey with brown rice.


Rachel Hosey

I often purchase brown rice over white as a result of it releases vitality extra slowly, incorporates extra fiber, and I just like the style. I eat rice with curry, chili, salads and extra.

“Brown rice is a superb supply of slow-digesting carbohydrates and a very good supply of fiber, which is absorbed slowly by the physique for sustained vitality ranges,” mentioned Davy.

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