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Capcom finally unveiled the Resident Evil 4 Remake game last Thursday in Game Mode (02). The re-created classic will be released in the year March 24, 2023 On the PS5 and fans are already eager to see more production. With this in mind, MyPS The title lists 10 things that can’t be missed.

RE 4 promises to reach the new generation with everything, whether it’s in the filthy mouth of Ghanadians, in a fight with a boss, or exploring dozens of available scenarios like castles, islands, villages and much more. .

After a significant reduction in content in Resident Evil 3 Remake, which has long been unpopular with fans, Capcom has been tasked with preserving the best aspects of the original title for Resident Evil 4 Remake – will it succeed?

Without further ado, take a look below at what you shouldn’t miss in Resident Evil 4 Remake! Remember that the list is a priority or not.

Game time and all stages

The fourth game in Saga is not the longest, but it is one of the biggest games in the franchise. Player Resident Evil 2 has many beautiful sights to pass along with Leon, who is no longer a new police officer. Villages, castles, laboratories, ruins, in short, there are many options.

Since RE 3 Remake, one of the highlights of the original, does not have a clock tower, Capcom is expected to pay due attention to it this time around and leave no scenario in Resident Evil 4 Remake – rather: an ideal world for fans – to further enhance the publishing content.

Additional modes: Mercenaries, Ada assignments and separate routes

Modes like Assignment Ada and The Mercenaries are much needed for fans to have other options after the main game is over and also serve to further expand the plot. Separate roads, for example, show how Ada Wong came to the village in search of the Las Plagas parasite, which greatly enriches the background of these adventures.

By completing these modes, you can unlock additional content from the original campaign, such as skins and weapons. And, of course, the mafter costume for Leon and the gentleman’s armor for Ashley are very much in love with the additions in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Tools like the Chicago typewriter, Handcannon and PRL 412

If there’s one thing Capcom does well in remakes, it’s adapting the tools in the original game to remakes. RE 2 Remake grenade launcher (GM 79) and submachine gun (MQ 11), as well as RE 3 Remake Assault Rifle (CQBR) and Samurai Edge are great examples to illustrate this point.

Fans expect no less for Resident Evil 4 Remake. And there are two scenarios for this situation: the most “stolen” weapon, such as the Chicago typewriter and the PRL 412, are very attractive options, but a mechanic who takes a simple weapon and upgrades it also has its value.


And as for the updates, what would these tools be without them, the icon of the original game: Merchant. The silhouette, covered with a mysterious coat, appears in the most dubious places, and even has its own small shop, which sells goods and keeps the “inner peace” of Leon’s journey. “Welcome!”.

(SOURCE: reproduction)

Of course, his presence is essential for Resident Evil 4 Remake, as it is part of the essence of the 2005 game. Now we need to see how Capcom does it: will zombies drop gold? Will gems, artifacts and coins survive for these purchases?

Gems and gold coins to get resources

The search for gems, such as artifacts, rubies, and many other options, made the study of the original name very interesting and necessary – if you did nothing, it was almost impossible to raise money to improve your arsenal. Not to mention the ability of the merchant to combine products to increase their value.

Resident Evil 4 remakes
(SOURCE: reproduction)

For the trader to perform well in Resident Evil 4 Remake, Capcom needs to implement a similar system – perhaps adding more to the game’s design. riddles worked more?

QTS sequence (fast time events)

Another thing that pushes every fan to play “seriously” in the chair – the continuation of QTS (fast time events – quick stories, in free translation). For those who don’t know, this mechanic consists of pressing buttons to perform actions in a game.

Resident Evil 4 remakes
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Press the crazy X button and run over the big rock lasers or even the escape from the giant statue of Salazar in the castle is one of the best examples. Would this mechanic be compatible with Resident Evil 4 Remake Recovery?

Salazar, Jack Crauser, Drs. El Salvador and others

More sophisticated leaders like Salazar and Jack Krauser, as well as fewer “hardworking” dr. El Salvador and El Lago are very rich in original names. They’re not terribly scary, but that approach could change in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and it seems like it’s taking longer to get scary. Bitores Mendez, the village foreman, has already confirmed the trailer – there’s even a “little hat”.

Resident Evil 4 remakes
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Remember that there are “thematic” opponents, different designs and different strokes everywhere the plot is installed. Is Capcom trying to save all these aspects to re-imagine?

Iconic phrases from the original game

“Don’t run away”, “Behind you, idiot!”, “¡Allí está!” Only the phrases uttered by the ganados of the original game. These lines of dialogue are simple, but they give fans immeasurable nostalgic value. Hopefully Capcom will accept such an interaction for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Let Ashley be less boring (it will be harder)

“Leonnn, Hielp!” Perhaps this is the phrase that franchise fans hear the most. Ashley Graham, the daughter of the U.S. president, the man Leon is supposed to rescue, is very annoyed by the original and shouts for help from an agent in a corner.

Resident Evil 4 remakes
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In the trailer of the announcement, he did not pay attention to anything – and hopefully not in the full game. Can Ashley make better use of this time? Maybe they carry weapons and ammunition, right?

Options for organizing your suitcase

There is one thing that has helped a lot to spread the original adventure: the ability to organize a suitcase. Throw the first stone that doesn’t take hours to optimize the space in your inventory, organize grenades and grenades, life and weapons.

Resident Evil 4 remakes
(SOURCE: reproduction)

Although simple, this aspect is very well adapted for Resident Evil Village. This mechanic is very important for Resident Evil 4 Remake because it is one of the factors that attracts the nostalgia of old school fans. Are you ready to spend some more time optimizing your suitcase?

Looking forward to Resident Evil 4 Remake? What do you think Capcom’s new remaster is missing? Leave a comment below!

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