10 facts about Joel in The Last of Us

Joel is one of the main characters The last of us, and players already know a lot about it. However, the protagonist has much more than smuggling, fighting and survival. The man’s past is complex, his character is very deep, and in today’s video we will tell you 10 facts and details about his difficult journey.


Joel’s childhood was not tragic, but it was not ideal. He was born in Texas in September 1980 and grew up with his younger brother, Tommy. Parents did not have much time to care for their children, so Joel became a father. Thus, the brothers formed a very strong and influential bond. Despite carrying this burden of responsibility for his brother, Joel was an ardent young man and aspired to be his best version.


As a teenager, Joel married a girl, and Sarah was born. At a young age, the protagonist took on the responsibility of fatherhood, and did not have the opportunity to fully experience his teenage life. He also had plans to go to college when he grew up, but was unable to do so. The girl’s mother left the family shortly after the birth of the girl, so her time was spent raising Sarah. Joel’s devotion to his daughter shows his maturity and loving soul.

A clock

The most memorable hour we saw in both games was Sarah Joel’s birthday present. Unfortunately, a few hours later we know how tragic fate was. On the first day of the illness, Joel and Sarah ran to the road and were shot dead by a soldier. He still tried to protect his daughter, but the damage had already been done. Sarah is killed, and Joel mourns. More than 20 years later, he still keeps the watch as a souvenir.


After Sarah’s death, Joel became very depressed. It is also spreading around the world and witnessing the division of families. He begins to wonder why he is still struggling to survive, and soon ends his life. Fortunately, he decides to continue, because something inside gives him hope. However, as a result of the trauma, Joel becomes very violent during the trip and expresses his bad feelings.


Since meeting Ellie in The Last of Us, Joel has been in a strong relationship with the girl and has been her protector as she fills in some of the void left by her loss. The girl sees the man as a father. His mother died when he was young, and he did not know his father. Joel plays the guitar for Ellie and sings about the challenges they face together, but because they have each other, they always win it. They make up one of the best relationships we see in games.


As Joel grew up, he worked with Tommy as a carpenter. This was confirmed in the first scene of The Last of Us during a telephone conversation with his brother. However, Joel had big plans because he wanted to start his own business at a young age. After settling with Ellie and Jackson, she began carpentry as her hobby. Her skillful hand helped build several statues and guitars, one of which was given to the girl.


Joel is a multi-talented person, including singing and playing the guitar. In fact, he was passionate about music and wanted to be a singer as a child. Music has medicinal properties for him because it allows him to express his feelings creatively. Joel sings and plays for Ellie, which makes her emotional and helps her communicate her feelings. He even gives her a guitar and teaches her to play. It was as if part of Joel was playing an instrument inside Ellie.


Joel is a deeply caring person who always strives to do what is right in his own eyes. But the world is collapsing every day. As a result, he is less concerned about doing the right thing and more concerned about survival. Joel doesn’t necessarily like dark people. Unfortunately, he knows that killing and torture are currently the only option. He still manages to show kindness and love to those who take care of him, such as Ellie and her brother Tommy. Players may see him as spoiled by the state of the world, but his good feelings are still in him and show when needed.

The strength

Joel has physical strength and ability. Players control the character and witness his malice, attacks, suffocations and blows. He is almost fifty years old and can handle his opponents like a young man. Joel also knows how to use many weapons, such as bows and rifles. Enemies occasionally test his strength, but he always wants to return twice as strong. Seeing him fight makes players forget that he is an ordinary young man shaken by the apocalypse.


Players notice that Joel looks like a normal guy, but he is also very threatening to enemies. Yes, this combination is specially made. Joel’s appearance indicates that he was Sarah’s father and Ellie’s father. At the same time, he becomes stronger and more muscular, fights his opponents and threatens them. He also resembles an ordinary American living in the countryside to preserve the aesthetics of the country.

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