10 best PS1 fighting games

There is no doubt that PS1 gave the public access to several heavyweight titles. In addition to RPGs, action games and more, it is a category that brings good news and ports the fight.

So let’s take a look at some of the major fighting games that passed Sony’s first platform in this list (order doesn’t mean sequence selection, and that’s a coincidence). Did you meet the strongest?

1. Tekken 3

series kicked There were some representatives at the end of the PS1, but most certainly remember it better than that Tekken 3.

In addition to entertainment in two different modes, the news here includes the opportunity to take part in several confrontations with well-known characters: Tekken Force (beat’em up) and Tekken Ball (a type of volleyball game). ).

Not surprisingly, this game is included in the top 10 console vendors, and for many people there, it is one of the best or best fighting games on the platform.

two. Street Fighter Alpha 3

series Street Fighter The older generations were on almost all consoles, and some appeared on the PS1 with some representatives. And, for many, the most important of them Street Fighter Alpha 3.

The game, despite its appeal to the 2D style, was very beautiful and infinitely appealing to the public when several games adopted 3D. In addition to a few characters to choose from, she still had the opportunity to choose from three different styles and all of the fans for specific moves. Street wait.

3. Mortal Kombat trilogy

It would be hard to find without first listing the best fighting games for a console like the PlayStation. Street Fighter this is understandable, Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat trilogy The franchise will bring all the fighters seen since the first game, plus all the posts that are satisfied with the confrontations in the classic stages and, of course, the death penalty on the screen of each fan of these “combats”.

4. Competing schools: Combined with destiny

We are faced with a game created by Capcom and it has become popular in the community because it brings up a topic that has not been much studied in war games.

The main idea of ​​this game is very interesting: what if different groups in the student community (for example, naughty, rich, athletes, etc.) struggle to find out which is the best? The result is a very interesting title and, unfortunately, the Japanese producer does not want to pay much attention in the future.

5. X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Born in the classic arcades, this is yet another of the titles that has become a well-accepted PS1 port.

Everything you see in the original game is here, so you can create a duet that includes members of the mutants. Street Fighter or to unite two worlds to fight battles full of special forces, super jumps, and many other things, until only one boxer is the winner of the competition.

6. Gundam: Battle Assault

Based on the eponymous series that was (and still is) very successful in Japan, From: Battle Assault Take the big robots to the arena in battles full of special movements and various movements on board your favorite character.

Of course, this may be the most balanced game, but it is still capable of a lot of fun.

7. X-Men: Mutant Academy 2

Another name that has brought mutant characters into conflict, X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 This is another of the first PlayStation games, it has attracted the attention of several players, bringing a few famous names from the world of these warriors to make everything better, in addition to improving the graphics.

8. Capcom vs. SNK Pro

Here we are facing another crossover, this time between Capcom and other characters from the SNK universe.

The great thing here was the opportunity to put characters like Ryu and Guil to deal with names like Kyo, Terry and others. The king of warriors. The result is a very fun game with several opportunities for teams, creating combinations that many people didn’t think of before.

9. Bushido Blade

Bushido Blade It can be considered as a game other than a few other games on the list. The lack of life gauges and even a timer in its package, for example, is something that attracts a lot of attention for this original aspect.

Instead, a system of damage to the character’s body was introduced, some of the blows were almost instantly fatal, while others slowed down the opponent and even crawled on the script.

10. dead or alive

Finally, we bring our list here dead or alive. The title caught the attention of many PS1 owners, ending with a different fighting style for each fighter, as well as areas that would cause additional damage to the opponent if you included them.

In addition, we are facing a title that had good 3D graphics at the time and the equation of a game that was prepared for success at the time.

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